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Neyzen Sinan Söyler, unlike most instrument makers, has a career in the performance of his instrument for more than 20 years. Neyzen Sinan Söyler, who managed to become one of the few Neyzens with his unique style, which he put forward by blending both Tekke Style and varieties of Classical Turkish Music Style, by taking lessons from well-known Ney masters in Turkey's distinguished institutions, started to make Ney in his home workshop in 2011 affter becoming familiar with the intricacies of Ney making by using different templates and by trial and error during the Ney making process. Neyzen Sinan Söyler, who eventually developed a template of his own, established the full-fledged Sinan Söyler Ney Atelier in Istanbul Başakşehir in 2013, and then moved the atelier to Beşiktaş, where it still serves, in 2019.


In 2021 He passed succesfuly the proficiency exam held by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and received the approval of the examination committee, and was registered as a Neyzen and Ney Production Master by being given an Artist Identity by the ministry. (H.K.B.B.M. Registration Number: YB2022.0269)

Today, Sinan Söyler Ney Atelier, under the roof of Söyler Sanat Academy, provides services in Turkiye and Qatar with two branches, one in Istanbul Beşiktaş and the other in the West Bay district of Doha, the capital of Qatar, in May 2022, and sends Ney to all over the world.

Making Ney
Our West Bay, Doha Branch - Qatar


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