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Shipping and Returns

Our Cargo Delivery Policy

Thank you for shopping from us.


Due to Covid19, shipping agents continue to change their prices, so cargo delivery prices may differ. Therefore, if any additional charges arise for shipping delivery costs, this difference will be reflected in your shipping delivery cost.

Thank you for your understanding.


Important: We are not responsible for any special customs procedures applicable in your country of residence.

Our Return for Replacement Policy

Our products cannot be returned for refund as they are handcrafted upon your request.


Our products are under replacement warranty in case of any manufacturing defects.

If you encounter this problem with the product you have purchased from us, please make sure that you send the defective product to us within 15 days of purchase.

We will replace the faulty product with a new one in the same configuration without paying any extra charge and send it to you by courier.


We thank you.

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