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Praise be to Allah, hearts have found peace

One name is Mustafa.

There is an art in everything he creates

If I can come from their hands

If the king of souls does not laugh

dervishes who became cem

Mevla's heart desires pervâne for the şem of Cemâl

Surgery is my essence

My troublemaker, my criminal, I came to the cure

Release trouble from sorrow

I was looking for a cure

Your tongue is always remembered

Everywhere is equipped with oil lamps

Don't forget the covenant you made with a friend

Don't stop, let's burn bro

People of Melâmet

Farewell from us to you, O city of mercy.

Farewell, O Ramadan, the heart-rending

Farewell to the city of bliss

inaccessible attribute

O the one who says good to me

O my dear Lord, who has your love?

O dergehi penâh of the sentence

O language, that's enough, I see you in two worlds

O dîl ey dîl, why are you pure in this rank?

O my friends, let's cry

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