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Together with some of the local and foreign professional musicians who are conservatory graduates residing in Qatar, under the leadership of Sinan Söyler, our artist who was licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Turkey and the owner of Söyler Sanat Academy, and our professional Turkish musicians who are also conservatory graduates we brought from Turkey; In November 2021, we established TÜRK MEŞK under the roof of Söyler Sanat Academy and entered the newly developing music market in Qatar to perform Live Music. We were aware of the potential of music organizations and music education within the framework of cultural activities, as well as the music market within the existing entertainment industry in Qatar.

While our Turkish musicians within the TURK MEŞK perform all types of Turkish Music, thanks to the musicians from other nations within our ranks, we started to present our music to our audience in various 5-star venues by making music in different styles, from Western Music and Arabic Music to Latin Music. With the musicians who joined us over time, we make live music with a wide range of Western and Oriental instruments, with a total of 22 musicians: 10 Turkish, 4 European, 3 South American, 3 Arab and 2 Indian. We have the capacity to perform live music simultaneously in 3 different venues by forming separate teams in different combinations with our musicians within TÜRK MEŞK.

In a short time, the number of days we performed and the number of venues we performed increased. As of October 2022, our musicians within the TÜRK MEŞK started performing six days a week in Qatar. In the first quarter of 2023, we signed a cooperation and representation agreement with Angham Al Sharq, a local institution providing services with a Musical Instruments Store and Music School in Doha.

In addition to our musicians within TÜRK MEŞK, we started to provide DJ Service as of May 2023, with the addition of a total of three DJs, a Turkish, a Filipino and a Spanish. In September 2023, 2 more Turkish DJs, one of whom is Producer DJ, joined our team. Our DJs work as DJs in clubs, pool-beach parties, brunches and similar events in 4 and 5 star establishments. We also organize optional live instrument + DJ shows with our musicians and DJs.

Although our target audience is from different nationalities and cultures, the majority of this audience consists of Turks, Arabs, Greeks, Latin Americans and Europeans living in Qatar.

In addition to our live music performances, as musicians and DJs in TÜRK MEŞK; We also provide private music lessons to our students all over the world at Söyler Art Academy, Angham Al Sharq Music School, Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center and online.

As our number of musicians, instruments, DJs and equipment increased, we set up a Home-Studio and a private stage for ourselves and started to do music production, arrangement, recording, editing, mix mastering, etc. in our own place. We have even started to meet the production demands of outside musicians and DJs.

Upon request during this process, we started to provide services regarding instrument and equipment rental to both the institutions, the venues we do business with and other musicians in Doha. Additionally, since there was a shortage of places to rehearse in Doha, different musicians from outside wanted to rent our private stage that we built ourselves to rehearse. So we started renting Rehearsal Stages to other musicians.

On the other hand, while doing all the work we mentioned here, we saw that there was a need for a lot of professional photography and video shooting for ourselves, other musicians and DJs, the institutions we work for and our close circle of contacts, and in August 2023, we started working with a company called IntoSocials to create professional photo-video shoots and social events. We started a partnership by agreeing to work with us in-house on media management and we also undertook the marketing of these services.

You can access more detailed information about our musicians, the musical instruments we perform, our DJs, the types of music we make and our other services in the Live Music, DJ Service and related sections on our website.

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