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In addition to our musicians within TÜRK MEŞK, we have started to provide DJ Service as of May 2023, with the addition of a total of 3 DJs, 1 Turkish, 1 Filipino and 1 Spanish. In September 2023, more of 2 Turkish DJs, one of whom is the Producer DJ, joined our team.


Our DJs play in clubs, pool-beach parties, brunches and similar events in 4 and 5 star establishments. According to demand, the place we serve and the vibe of the guests in the place; They play; House, Deep House, Techno, Trans, Trash, EDM, R&B, Electro, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Folk, Tribal, Latino, Afro, Arabic, Turkish and other types of music on their lists.


We also offer optional live instrument + DJ shows with our musicians and DJs.
As is the trend lately, our DJs together with other musicians of TÜRK MEŞK; Depending on demand, they perform shows by playing together with violin, guitar, qanun, oud, flute and various percussion instruments.

DJ Alita Caligraphy
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