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She was born in 1995 in Izmir Turkiye as the only child of her family. At the age of 15, she started to learn ballet and Latin dances at İzmir Aytunç Bentürk Dance Academy (ABDA). She completed her higher education, and graduated from Istanbul University, Exercise and Sports Sciences in 2018. During and after her study she has been a personal trainer, meanwhile she also has been taking the stages with her own established 8-members Shine dance group performing Latin and Oriental dance shows in many venues in Izmir and Istanbul. After 4 years of active stage life, she started to work as an artist assistant and concerts tour manager in Istanbul. Thus, her connection with the music became stronger. In order to get back to the other side of the stage again and to bring joy to dance for more people, she started to take DJ training at Izmir Hey DJ Academy in 2020. After intensive training and dedicated work, she started DJing in the entertainment sector in mainly Izmir and Istanbul besides other cities in Turkiye.

DJ Ece, a colorful and chill personality who has been working as a DJ, professional dancer, personal trainer and a photo model, signed an agreement as of September 2023 with TÜRK MEŞK, the full-fledged music services provider brought together by Sinan Söyler under the roof of Söyler Sanat Academy, and continued her career as a DJ in Doha.



Although she feels closer to; House, Deep house, Afro and Electro styles, she has a wide playlist in variety music genres such as Latino, Turkish & Arabic music, Rock, Pop, and many other music genres as she is a versatile DJ due to the diversity of the venues and the crowd attending these venues that she has been performing in.

You may listen to her sample play list on SoundCloud and her releases on all over the digital music platforms.











Selam Aleyk...

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