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She was born in 1999 in Izmir, Turkiye, as the second child of a family with 5 children. Since her mother was a singer, she grew up with music. She studied Business Management at Mersin University in Mersin, Turkiye, and graduated in 2019. Later, she started taking private lessons to learn Latin Dances at Anemon Dance School in Mersin, and after hard work, she successfully became a professional dancer within a year. Later, the following year, in 2020, she enrolled in Double Up DJ Academy in Mersin. Even though her real passion was dancing, she combined this passion with DJing and created great energy. Afterwards, she performed as a dancer and DJ in Turkiye, Georgia and Azerbaijan. She later moved to Qatar in 2022 and gained a considerable reputation in the entertainment industry in Doha by playing as a freelance DJ at many events and clubs during FIFA 2022. At the beginning of 2023, she became a member of TÜRK MEŞK, which provides comprehensive music services founded by Sinan Söyler under the umbrella of Söyler Sanat Academy in Doha.



While playing as a DJ in the international arena, she adopted and developed a versatile understanding of music by interacting with different people from different brought and cultures; this enabled her to master almost every type of music; House, Deep House, Tekno, Trans, EDM, R&B, Electro, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Folk, Tribal, Latino, Arabesque, Turkish music genres and others. Recently, upon request, she has been playing with various live instruments and performing with other musicians of TÜRK MEŞK; violin, qanun, oud, ney and various percussion instruments are some of them. You may listen to her sample releases on all over the digital music platforms.



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SSS-Sun Sea Sand...


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